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Mindblowing facts about cats

Here are your random fun facts. Western Australia is twice the size of Alaska. (Be sure to watch what fits into Russia !) There are more stars than there are grains of sand on Earth. Almost all heavy elements (everything but Hydrogen, Helium, and a bit of Lithium) comes from stars that have gone supernova. You are made of stars.


Here are the 10 facts about Lions you should know. 1. Lions don't live in the jungle. Lions mostly live on savannah and grasslands. Sometimes they inhabit forest, shrubland and desert. But never the jungle. So it's also incorrect to think of lions as the kings of the jungle. They actually are the kings of the savannah. 2.

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Web. In this article, you will know about the interesting facts related to cats, knowing which you will be surprised - What are the interesting facts about cats? It is believed that the cat is the only mammal that cannot taste sweets. Cats see 6 times better at night than humans. An average healthy adult cat spends 70 percent of its life sleeping.

What does mind boggling mean in a sentence? extremely surprising and difficult to understand or imagine: She was paid the mind-boggling sum of ten million dollars for that movie.. Is mind boggling positive? "Mind-boggling" can have either a positive,negative or neutral connotation, depending on the context.This is no different from the more formal "astounding", which means the same thing.


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